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361一键新机(MultiAccount Master)-iOS 7/8/9/10全系统一键改串 1.4.3-105/25/2017 10:33 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
MultiAccount Master(361一键新机)-Support iOS 10.支持全系统(iOS 7/8/9/10)的傻瓜式改串-Switch accounts on any apps like Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, Tinder faster than ever.
IconCert 1.3-1305/24/2017 05:33 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
shows cert info on yalu icon.
NGXPlay 1.0-1905/24/2017 02:03 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
Let your carplay can run any app that you want!
onion 0.0.4-105/24/2017 02:03 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
Peel a layer off the control center!
Masq 1.105/24/2017 10:04 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Artwork themeing & music aesthetics for iOS 10!
onion 0.0.405/24/2017 10:03 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Peel a layer off the control center!
iKeywi 3 (iOS 8/9/10) 3.2.205/24/2017 09:34 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Customizable Extra Row for Keyboards
BlitzModder 2.6.505/24/2017 09:34 AMBigBoss / Games
Mod Manager for World of Tanks Blitz
LaunchInSafeMode 1.0.105/24/2017 09:33 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Use Force Touch to launch app in safe mode.
BarFade 1.1.305/24/2017 09:33 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Crossfade and hide your statusbar!
Phantom (Lite) for Snapchat 5.3.405/24/2017 09:33 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Phantom is in the process of being fully updated to bypass Snapchat’s tweak detection
Ace iOS 10 1.005/23/2017 10:03 PMZodTTD / Themes (SpringBoard)
Ace for iOS 10
Facebook Legacy UI 1.0.305/23/2017 11:05 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
make Facebook UI back to legacy mode
CCQuick Pro X for iOS10 1.0-205/23/2017 11:04 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
shortcuts & powerful options for Control Center
SpringToolz 0.0.405/23/2017 11:04 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
stylized shapes for app icons
LaunchInSafeMode 1.005/23/2017 11:04 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Use Force Touch to launch app in safe mode.
Thumbtack 1.0.005/23/2017 11:03 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Pin notes with long press.
ColoredVK 2 11:03 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Change your VK App sense!
SmartCameraShutter 1.005/23/2017 11:03 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Make your Camera Shutter Buttons Smarter!
Dice - For Tinder 1.0.0-5905/23/2017 11:03 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Boost your dating experience with Dice for Tinder.
ColorT 1.105/22/2017 04:03 PMZodTTD / Themes (SpringBoard)
A gift to the jailbreak community
Jungle Video Downloader 2.105/22/2017 12:03 PMModMyi / Themes (SpringBoard)
Download any video from YouTube, Facebook, XXX or any other website.Download MP3 files form SoundCloud.Simply Browse, play and click download!
Universal Video Downloader Plus 2.8.305/22/2017 10:33 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Download videos from almost any app!
Lace 1.0.105/22/2017 09:34 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
NCObey / Leash for iOS 10
Universal Video Downloader Plus 2.8.205/22/2017 09:33 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Download videos from almost any app!
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