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Daisy 1.012/31/2019 01:10 PMChariz / Tweaks
A better audio interface experience.
Nougat 1.209/03/2020 02:03 PMChariz / Tweaks
Android NC for iOS
Wonderbar 1.106/04/2020 05:33 PMChariz / Tweaks
Complete status bar customization at your fingertips!
DarkAlertsPls 1.004/28/2020 02:03 AMChariz / Tweaks
Force alerts to respond to iOS 13 dark mode.
QuitAll 1.0.103/05/2020 03:33 AMChariz / Tweaks
One tweak to quit them all
Velox Reloaded 1.2.105/27/2020 04:03 PMChariz / Tweaks
Bring widgets right to your homescreen, baby.
Siliqua Pro 1.2.409/02/2020 12:52 AMChariz / Tweaks
Custom actions for AirPods Pro
Titan 1.0.309/03/2020 02:04 PMChariz / Tweaks
True picture in picture support for all your favorite apps
Multipla Lite 1.1.1~lite209/02/2020 12:52 AMChariz / Tweaks
Power to your Dock
PrefixUI 1.3.111/24/2020 11:03 AMChariz / System
An awesome framework of some sort!
Cenamo 1.109/07/2020 02:03 PMChariz / Tweaks
Know your battery by looking at your dock
Multipla Lite 1.1.1~lite509/02/2020 12:52 AMChariz / Tweaks
Power to your Dock
Cephei Tweak Support 1.15.109/02/2020 12:52 AMChariz / Development
Support library for tweaks
Viper 1.0.107/09/2020 05:03 PMChariz / Tweaks
Where aesthetics and accessibility meet.
Rofi 1.2.106/30/2020 10:03 AMChariz / Tweaks
An app launcher tweak.
Watermelon 1.406/06/2020 04:03 PMChariz / Tweaks
WatchOS style lockscreen widgets.
Noctis Neo 1.2.402/20/2020 11:33 AMChariz / Tweaks
Dark mode, your way.
Indy 1.1.211/01/2020 01:03 PMChariz / Tweaks
Control from your status bar.
iDunnoU 1.4.304/23/2020 12:33 AMChariz / Tweaks
Use this tweak to pin, hide, secure, and block conversations like clockwork.
ForwardNotifier 1.4.309/15/2020 12:03 AMChariz / Tweaks
Forward Notifications to your PC!
Velvet 1.2.210/24/2020 12:33 AMChariz / Tweaks
A new way to customize your notifications!
Magma Evo 2.0.510/11/2020 03:03 PMChariz / Tweaks
Redefine your Control Center
Kai 1.4.009/26/2020 03:33 PMChariz / Tweaks
Device battery indicators on your lock screen!
LockShut 1.1.109/02/2020 12:52 AMChariz / Tweaks
Prevent your phone to be shutdown from the lock screen!
WeatherGround 1.309/07/2020 02:33 PMChariz / Tweaks
Weather right at your fingertips!
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