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NCSearchDaSHPro 1.007/18/2012 01:04 PMZodTTD / Addons (NotificationCenter)
This a big pack of notification center and dashboard addons let you search on google, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, mawaly and the noble quran explanation. i know that shouldn't be by money but i'm working on some great updates to make it really very important :D. This addons required Dashboard X.
ColorsClock 2.302/08/2013 01:04 PMZodTTD / Tweaks
Change lockscreen clock color.
Carla for iOS SD Widgets 1.003/18/2013 02:39 PMZodTTD / Widgets
Requires Carla for iOS (SD) to download.
Carla for iOS - Widgets 1.205/05/2013 01:39 PMZodTTD / Widgets
This is a collection of LS Widgets and iWidgets for Carla for iOS.
1nspire i4 Weather iWidget 1.111/17/2013 06:33 AMZodTTD / Widgets
Stunning weather iwidget to match 1nspire.
iOS7 i4 LS Cydget 1.012/09/2013 07:33 PMZodTTD / Addons
Unlock just like iOS7, with this Lockscreen Cydget.
Ls Rosa For Ipad 1.0.104/10/2014 12:03 AMZodTTD / Widgets
This is the Ipad Mini version of my NY LS amp SB My Widget.
Ls Rs Forecast 1.0.105/01/2014 01:03 AMZodTTD / Widgets
Awesome ls forecast widget.
psx4all 4.0.1012/30/2010 11:33 PMZodTTD / Games
Sony Playstation emulator! New and improved!
iOS Jedi Logo 1.002/23/2012 12:05 AMZodTTD / Addons
The official Zeppelin carri logo for the iOS Jedi Blog.
Six Icon Dock 1.405/04/2012 12:04 AMZodTTD / Tweaks
This tweak allows you to have 6 icons in your dock. NOTE: It will not work if you have Five Icon Dock installed (it's ether or).
Carla AxlZooLS Widget 1.003/23/2013 04:04 PMZodTTD / Widgets
A beautiful LockScreen Widget that goes along nicely with Carla for iOS.
69 i4 Battery/Ram iWidget 1.008/16/2013 01:39 AMZodTTD / Widgets
Display Battery and Ram on your home screen.
69 Blue Animated Clock iWidget 1.008/20/2013 03:39 PMZodTTD / Widgets
Animated Clock iWidget for theme 69 Blue.
69 i5 Matrix G29 Forecast iWidget 1.009/19/2013 09:03 AMZodTTD / Widgets
Forecast iWidget .
69 i5 Matrix Alx Weather IWidget 1.109/22/2013 11:39 AMZodTTD / Widgets
Weather iWidget (Requires iWidget).
69 i4 Alx Weather iWidget 1.009/28/2013 12:39 PMZodTTD / Widgets
Weather iWidget for theme 69.
69 i4 Animated Clock iWidget 1.009/28/2013 12:39 PMZodTTD / Widgets
Animated Clock iWidget for theme 69.
69 i4 G29 Weather iWidget 1.009/28/2013 12:39 PMZodTTD / Widgets
Animated Weather iWidget for theme 69.
SeptemOS iWidgets 1.010/07/2013 03:03 AMZodTTD / Widgets
iWidgets for SeptemOS.
69 Digital Clock iWidget 1.010/24/2013 11:39 PMZodTTD / Widgets
Digital clock iWidget by wydchr.
69 Color Clock Widgets 1.010/29/2013 04:03 PMZodTTD / Widgets
Animated Clock iWidgets by wydchr.
69 Color Weather iWidgets 1.010/29/2013 04:03 PMZodTTD / Widgets
Colorful Weather iWidgets by wydchr.
Facebook Cydget 1.010/31/2013 04:39 PMZodTTD / Addons
View Facebook from the lockscreen.
69 Blue iOS7 Battery iWidget 1.002/02/2014 04:03 AMZodTTD / Widgets
Battery Meter displays current battery along the statusbar in blue, tap to show percent.
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