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Action Menu Plus Pack 1.3.302/21/2016 02:03 AMBigBoss / System
Additional actions for Action Menu!
Action Menu 1.4.108/14/2016 12:03 AMBigBoss / System
Adds actions to the action menu
multislide 0.0.1-1906/21/2011 10:03 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
unlock slider turned app-launcher
Inspell 1.3.2-109/26/2011 05:04 AMBigBoss / System
Customize spell checker and autocorrect
Autocorrection Bar 0.1-111/10/2011 01:33 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
enable keyboard autocorrection bar and fix iOS5.0 crashbug
VoiceKeys 1.0.311/27/2011 11:03 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Dictate text via Google's speech recognition
SuperScroller 1.011/28/2011 11:03 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
Paged scrolling via Activator
LayerSnapshotter 1.012/31/2011 01:33 PMBigBoss / Development
snapshot composite images for views & layers
SplitMail 0.302/02/2012 02:03 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
Split-style iPad mail app in portrait
MusicBanners 1.002/04/2012 03:04 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
banners and alerts for track changes
ContactPrivacy 1.102/16/2012 03:33 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
Prompts when apps want access to your contacts database. Inspired by Path
Belfry 1.1.105/28/2012 04:04 AMBigBoss / System
Install Clock, Calculator, Compass, Voice Memos, Stocks and Weather apps on iPad
Unlock iOS6 Maps 1.009/25/2012 09:03 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
enable 3D & navigation on all devices
Rotation Inhibitor 1.0.4-202/05/2013 07:14 AMBigBoss / System
Disable device rotation with toggle for SBSettings
NoCoverFlow 1.0.202/12/2013 04:43 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Disable Cover Flow in Music App
Do Not Disturb Toggle 1.0-102/15/2013 03:40 PMBigBoss / System
Toggle Do Not Disturb for Activator and SBSettings
IconRotator 1.0.102/16/2013 05:04 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Rotating icons on your home screen
MathAlarm Plus 1.0.302/18/2013 07:41 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
Awake to Arithmetic with more options!
More Lines in Notification Center 0.202/27/2013 02:41 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
Configurable line count in notification center
AntiTint 1.0.103/04/2013 01:42 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
Disables statusbar tint on iOS 6.0, uses black style statusbar on earlier versions
ChromeCustomization 1.0.103/05/2013 02:05 PMBigBoss / System
Customize the Chrome browser
PagePusher 0.2-106/06/2011 02:33 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
page-curl replaces common push animations
Activoice 1.0.104/29/2013 08:03 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
Activate Google's Voice Search
MailMend 0.2.105/30/2020 08:03 PMRpetrich / Tweaks
Mends a few bugs in MobileMail's MIME.framework
SSLPatch 1.002/24/2014 04:33 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Fix for CVE-2014-1266 on iOS 6.0-7.0.5 firmwares
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