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Touchy 1.0.0-101/12/2014 03:34 PMModMyi / Tweaks
Use TouchID to launch your favorite apps!
SBHTML 1.2.409/21/2014 03:33 PMModMyi / Tweaks
HTML SpringBoard theming platform
User Wallpaper 4.0 1.0-110/16/2010 07:03 PMModMyi / Tweaks
iOS 4.x-ready version of saurik's "User Wallpaper" theme.
Aero 1.0.0-104/02/2012 02:05 PMModMyi / Tweaks
An Awesome iOS Application Switcher
ESRA Commands Pro 1.0-201/13/2013 03:06 PMModMyi / Tweaks
More Commands For ESRA Assistant
LearniTEasy-Ar 1.301/25/2013 12:39 PMModMyi / Utilities
First Arabic application which helps you learn iOS coding.
WeePreferenceLoader 1.105/13/2013 12:39 PMModMyi / Tweaks
A framework to easily add preferences to the Notifications settings.
LockHTML Edit 1.0-106/07/2013 04:40 PMModMyi / Tweaks
Activator Toggle for LockHTML 2 to Enable Edit Mode
Mortal Kombat Mega Pack iWidget 1.3006/09/2013 03:03 PMModMyi / Widgets
iWidget pack of the mortal kombat 3 fighters!
LSLabelColors 1.0-110/21/2013 05:03 PMModMyi / Tweaks
First plugin for LockHTML 2, select the color of the text & shadow
iWidgets Pack Sch 4 1.0-104/11/2014 07:03 PMModMyi / Widgets
This package contains 12 iWidgets.
Glowing Green Battery 1.0.008/28/2014 09:03 AMModMyi / Addons (Alkaline)
Glowing Green Battery
NFL Clubs-Clock iWidget 1.001/18/2015 04:03 PMModMyi / Widgets
NFL Clubs-Clock iWidget
Best Tube 1.106/12/2017 01:34 PMModMyi / Applications
Enjoy your music anytime and anywhere. Search music videos, create playlists, listen while app is in background!
HideDeleteBox 1.0.008/29/2017 01:03 PMModMyi / Tweaks (SpringBoard)
Makes the app delete box invisible! This will make pranksters think that they cannot delete your apps, but you'll still be able to if you need to!
Just Mail 1.1Before TweakUpdatesModMyi / Messaging
A simple emailing application that allows you to send and email in the fraction of time the mail app does!
iPapatzis 3.0Before TweakUpdatesModMyi / Games
Based on a Greek game of luck, where the iphone shuffles 3 cards, one of them is the "King", and the player has to guess where the King is.
Bright Light 1.0-1Before TweakUpdatesModMyi / Utilities
Bright Light makes your App Store flashlight apps brighter!
Jack Torrents 1.0.2Before TweakUpdatesModMyi / Networking
Jack Torrents is a client for ImageShack's online torrent client, ImageShack Drive. Jack Torrents is perfect for managing the torrents in your ImageShack Drive account.
iLatinum 2.0Before TweakUpdatesModMyi / Productivity
THIS APPLICATIONS HELPS YOU TO LEARN LATIN FROM FRENCH. This is the iLatinum application. It helps you to make your homework or to learn for a latin test. INFO : The '4eme' is not included. If you need some help, please contact me.
Obama Vs Fly 2.0.1Before TweakUpdatesModMyi / Games
Be Barak Obama - Special 4th of July edition! Swat flies as you get ahead towards the Presidency. In each level you would have to prove your presidential capabilities by swatting fly as fast as a lightning. Finish all 10 levels, and you are one step closer to being the next President of the United States.
Features (for iPod 2G) 1.0.4-1Before TweakUpdatesModMyi / Tweaks
Enable the iOS 4 features on iPod 2G
iBBOM 1.1Before TweakUpdatesModMyi / Utilities
Utility for checking SingTel broadband on mobile (BBOM) usage. This app is strictly for Singapore SingTel subscribers.
EasyLoan 3.1Before TweakUpdatesModMyi / Utilities
Simple, easy to use, loan payment calculator.
iBlank for iPad 3.1Before TweakUpdatesModMyi / Utilities
iBlank for iPad.
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